Meet the Team

The members of the team:

Derek Mendonca, CEO
Derek Mendonca
Kevin Noronha, Business Strategist
Kevin Noronha
Business Strategist
Darrell Crawford-Smith, International Business Director
Darrell Crawford-Smith
International Business Director
Joren Afman, IT Security Specialist
Joren Afman
Cyber Security Specialist


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What We Do

Detection of wrongdoing on any level in an organisation – ranging from financial misconduct (fraud) to abuse of company resources and even corruption – is our forte.

Aside from this, we assist with all aspects of corporate governance, security (physical and IT&T), including surveying, auditing and designing of security plans as well as managing projects where security is a major concern.

Providing expert advice comes as standard; and by leveraging our professional capabilities, communications network and worldwide agents, we are able to provide you with solutions for every operational challenge.

Does any member of your senior leadership team ever travel to high risk areas? We can arrange 24-hour personal security for them, which is both effective and discreet. Our world-class security partners routinely look after heads-of-state, diplomats and other high-ranking officials. You are in very safe hands.

Managing the ever-changing operational risks in today's business climate is paramount to business continuity. The safety and security of your people, property and information is crucial and in many circumstances, is governed by legislation. Omega 1 provides a broad range of professional services designed to assist an organisation in their protective security and investigative requirements. We provide a bespoke service to meet your needs and budget. Our practitioners have vast and diverse experience and emphasise integrity and discretion while going about their duties.

By identifying areas of concern before they can adversely affect clients' interests, and by delivering concise and unambiguous information, we seek to bring greater transparency to existing operations and to identify new business opportunities alike.