Security Survey

Security survey is essentially an exhaustive physical examination of the area or premises of a unit and a thorough inspection of all operation systems and procedures. It analyses a facility to determine the existing state of its security, locates weaknesses, and determines the degree of protection. It ultimately leads to recommendations for establishing a total security programme.

A Security Survey / Audit of an industrial unit / office comprises of:

* Physical security of the building including perimeter wall and assets within including fire prevention and control.
* Security Systems (Technology) for access control including intrusions and break-ins.
* Monitoring of sensitive areas/assets within including recording of events for later detection and investigations.
* Information Security including safeguarding of information in computers.
* Formulation/updating of SOPs related to security.
Omega 1 is committed to providing world class security consultancy, investigation services and a wide range of risk management services in the Indian sub-continent and abroad.

We provide our clients with a bespoke due diligence resource, which extends from discreet checks confirming the identity of a company to the comprehensive examination of a business and the individuals behind it.

By identifying areas of concern before they can adversely impact clients' interests, and delivering concise and unambiguous information, we seek to bring transparency to the pursuit of business opportunities.