Security Survey

An Omega 1 security survey is essentially an exhaustive physical examination of the area or premises of a site and a thorough inspection of all operational systems and procedures. It analyses a facility to determine the existing state of its security, locates weaknesses, and determines the degree of protection. It ultimately leads to recommendations for establishing a total security programme.

A Security Survey/Audit of an industrial unit/office comprises:

✓ Physical security of the building, including perimeter wall and assets within; plus fire prevention and control.
✓ Security Systems (Technology) for access control including intrusions and break-ins.
✓ Monitoring of sensitive areas/assets within includes recording of events for subsequent detection and investigations.
✓ Information Security, including safeguarding of data and information in computers.
✓ Formulation/updating of Standard Operating Procedures relating to security.

Omega 1 is committed to providing world class-security consultancy, investigation services.