When it discovers wrongdoing, an organisation's first priority is to understand what has happened and to gather reliable evidence to support its decisions. In the event of serious misconduct, criminal behaviour or significant regulatory failings, Omega 1 Associates can provide the practical help needed. Backed with the reassurance of long experience, our expertise helps clients to resolve situations successfully.

Operating around the world and drawing on experience acquired in law enforcement, forensic accountancy, the IT industry, anti-money laundering and financial regulation, our consultants can help with:

✓ Investigation planning
✓ Evidence gathering
✓ Witness interviewing
✓ Case management
✓ Liaison with government, regulatory and law enforcement bodies where necessary

Our investigators have substantial experience of managing and conducting complex investigations. They are drawn from a range of agencies: the City of London Police Fraud Squad, Europol, the FBI, New Scotland Yard, the US Department of Justice, the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency and other government services.

This background, coupled with our multi-lingual business intelligence and political risk analysts, ensures that we can provide a discreet, resourceful and innovative service to meet the requirements of any investigation anywhere in the world.

Our investigation teams also include experienced forensic accountants, who work with our clients to extract crucial evidence from large volumes of financial information and data, allowing any investigation to focus quickly on the key issues.

We can provide you with a bespoke due diligence resource, which extends from discreet checks confirming the identity of a company to the comprehensive examination of a business and the individuals behind it.

For more information on our investigations services please contact us.