How We Work

Our approach to collaboration with the client is unique. This is not a “one size fits all” or off-the-shelf approach. Rather, we focus on providing you with a tailored, comprehensive and holistic solution to overall corporate health and risk management. We will conduct business audits and threat assessments to meet your specific needs. We differ from similar service providers in that our consultants are experts in their own highly specialised fields. Our consultants will conduct a thorough investigation of your business on a number of different levels before identifying areas of weakness where such factors as physical or IT security, corporate governance, protocol or internal reporting are compromised and need re-thinking.

As part of this service our consultants will:

✓ Assess and audit your existing company arrangements in the areas of security (all types), corporate governance, risk management and business strategy and make recommendations for improvement where necessary.
✓ Detect and identify employee misconduct such as inappropriate invoicing, conflicts of interest and so on.
✓ Identify any other vulnerabilities or areas of concern.
✓ Provide strategies, solutions and safeguards that will have lasting benfits in the areas of security, corporate governance, risk management and financial control for your organisation.
✓ Provide clear and intelligible documentation describing the recommendations.
✓ Treat all work with top discretion and confidentiality.
✓ Train key staff in your organisation to quickly identify and mitigate any new risks going forward.
✓ Meet you at a time and place convenient to you.