Who we are

Omega 1 Associates are committed to delivering exceptionally professional corporate security, investigative and related advisory and consultancy services. The true measure of our value is the degree to which we provide customized services of unusually high quality, specifically designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. We take the time to understand your requirements intimately, applying our expertise to tailor a complete package of services we are confident that will deliver whatever you need. Clients look to Omega 1 for the expert advice and professional service that helps keep their businesses protected and successful. Our goal is to exceed these expectations. Our approach is both responsive and direct. We listen to concerns and objectives, we partner to determine the best way to meet specific needs and then we employ proven techniques that make economic sense. Our capacity to anticipate and resolve difficult and sensitive issues enables Omega 1 to provide superior services with the high level of ethical standards and total integrity both clients and employees have come to expect.

What we do

Omega 1 provides all aspects of security including, surveying, auditing and designing security plans, as well as managing projects where security is a major concern in any environment.We also provide expert advice and are able with our professional capabilities, workforce, communications network and agents worldwide, to provide solutions in all operational matters. Managing the ever-changing operational risks in today's business climate is paramount to business continuity. The safety and security of your people, property and information is essential and in many circumstances governed by legislation. Omega 1 provides a broad range of professional services designed to assist an organisation in their protective security and investigative requirements. We provide a bespoke service to meet your needs and budgets. Our practitioners have vast and diverse experience and ensure that integrity and discretion are paramount in their roles.