Is something amiss in your company? A staff member using a company car and laptop to run his own private business during company time? Or perhaps you're noticing many invoices for small amounts of money being booked to maintenance, yet there is no evidence of work having been performed anywhere on the premises. Perhaps unbeknownst to you, a senior manager has taken a bribe against the company's interests.

You may be surprised. Cases like these are commonplace. And if left to continue, such activities can have serious financial or legal consequences for your company, not to mention the company's reputation.

Think it can't happen in your company? Think again! We uncover cases like the above every day. And they crop up in every industry you can think of, including the public sector.

Take for example the case of a senior manager of a blue chip company who was responsible for the company’s portfolio property. A house keeping audit conducted by us uncovered that the manager was having his own house refurbished while getting the invoices were sent to the company for payment under a different guise of work carried out for the company.

Cases like these are not unusual.

That's where we come in. In response to growing demands for company-internal investigations into irregularities and financial misconduct, Omega 1 Associates was formed in 2013, bringing together experts with extensive and successful track records in providing security, investigative auditing and risk management solutions to organizations in every industry. We are a British based & owned independent provider of commercial investigative services. We operate worldwide and can assist you in any of the following areas:

✓ Background checks
✓ Competitive intelligence
✓ Financial control
✓ Risk management
✓ Corporate governance
✓ Threat assessment
✓ Physical & cyber security
✓ ...and more!

Contact us now to set up a confidential, no-obligation consultation to see what we can do for you!